"I felt very grateful and very lucky to be able to meet Penny. Under her relentless guidance, coaching and support, I have been able to improve my interview skills, career profile and networking significantly. She also showed me on how & what to prepare for a good interview. After attending her coaching sessions, I feel very confident to attend any future job interview. In fact, I recently got a job with one of the biggest dairy company in New Zealand. Her deep experience & expertise has enable me to reach a new career milestone. I really wish I had met Penny earlier. I could not ask for a better mentor, and I would always recommend Penny to any person that I know who need interview skills coaching"

Therick R - Engineer

"Jonathan’s session has given me an invaluable and practical insight into how interviews are really assessed, and how to structure my answers in a way that gives the interviewer the information he’s really after. The structure of the material Jonathan has devised has proved to be priceless, almost mirroring the questions asked at the interview. Feedback from my interviewer: “Out of all the interviewees Sara has provided the most relevant and concise answers to my questions, and has also demonstrated her planning and preparation through asking all the right questions” … Securing me a second interview with one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Something I attribute largely to my session with Jonathan. This is information any job seeker should know about!"

Sara A, Business Professional

“Thanks once again for your help – I found the session very helpful and, as I said, would have no hesitation recommending you to others I know in a similar position to me. What I found especially useful about the session was that it gave me a means of improving the way I present myself in an interview situation without having to be deceptive or pretend that I am someone who I am not. This, along with structures for preparation for and evaluation of interviews, some insights about what interviewers are most likely to be receptive to as well as useful tips for dealing with difficult interview situations such as ‘talk about your weaknesses’, made this a very valuable opportunity for developing skills which are not strictly limited to formal interview situations”.

Andrew Colgan Law Graduate

“Jonathan is not just a trainer and consultant, I reckon he is more like a facilitator, who lead you to be successful and reach your career goal. The job I applied was a director job at one of most prestigious institutions in New Zealand. No doubt, the institution was overwhelmed by receiving applications for the job. Two hours' training session with Jonathan that helped me anticipate what questions could be asked and be better prepared with very clear answers. Much more than this, my self-confidence has been built after two hours with him, and I had a very clear goal that I knew what I should present for my interview. His expertise and rich experiences as interviewer, enable him to provide high quality of service to his customers. I definitely recommend Jonathan for his services to everyone”!

Felix YE, Director of International Students

Thank you very much for agreeing to take me through interviewing skills coaching. It was a privilege to meet Ken and have him take me through the interview skills coaching. I was extremely pleased with the coaching - it felt like Ken knew what I needed and specifically targeted the coaching towards my needs. He was very approachable and spoke clearly that I felt very comfortable and at ease. Ken didn't just talk through the booklet but he also showed me examples of how and what I need to prepare for interviews. I would say that after my coaching session with Ken, I feel very confident in preparing for future job interviews. Again, thank you both very much for your assistance. I would be recommending your services to my colleagues.

Sela Gaualofa, Department of Labour

"After participating in training with Interview Skills, I was able to go into my next interview not only better prepared for possible questions, but better prepared to answer them. The training definitely helped me acquire the role I desired."

Marcus Thomas, Rodney Aggregates

Just a note to let you know I finally got a job. I am going to be a line mechanic for Northpower. I'm quite excited to be starting a new job, so thanks for the interview skills I'm sure they helped.

Robyn Dawes, Mechanic

Hi James, I just wanted to thank you for your coaching and for your time teaching me interview techniques, I am very happy with what I learnt from you and I’m also happy because you trying to help me with finding the right job that suits my skills. I am so glad that I did the coaching with you.

Aimen Gmar, IT Professional

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